The Muppets


Muppet Designer and Builder

Built puppets for The Muppets (2011) The Muppets: Most Wanted (2014) the muppets TV Series (2015-16) as well as many short videos.

Due to non-disclosure reasons, a hard copy portfolio is available on request.

View a favorite Muppet short here.

The Daily Show


Puppet Heap

New Jersey, USA

Built the portrait puppets with a team of builders at Puppet Heap for a episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart which aired Oct 8, 2012 during the 2012 US Presidential Campaign.

Retro Liberalismus


Kunsthaus Zürich

Zurich, Switzerland

Directed by Georg Keller

As part of the exhibit Action! museum-goers were allowed to watch the process in which Georg Keller directed a surreal piece questioning reality with the actor Lukas Kubik and a portrait marionette of him.

Cat in Space

Berlin, Germany

Created by Anna Paniccia and Danny Exnar

Star Wurst


Das Helmi Puppen

Berlin, Germany

The iconic George Lucas story  humorously told for both kids and adults using puppets.

Glenn Gould vs Glenn Gould


Cherbuliez Productions

Munich, Germany

Directed by Gert Pfafferodt

An exploration of the genius behind the man and musician, Glenn Gould.

Played by actor Danny Exnar

View the German Trailer here.

Seeds of Change


Creede Repertory Theater

Colorado, USA


Directed by Melissa Firlit

Young Audience Outreach Tour

Seeds of Change fosters environmental literacy through the story of an ornery girl who with the help of a Bee, a Swordfish, and a Talking Tree, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. 

O Tannencat!

Created by Anna Paniccia and Danny Exnar

Now! Now! Neverland!


Berlin, Germany

An immersive theatrical experience based on J.M Barrie's Peter Pan. Created by 15 international artists over a month, it challenged the audience to choose Home or Neverland.

View the trailer here.

Puppets Beyond Borders


Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar

An international collaboration that brought together puppeteers from the US, Germany, France, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Together with our puppetry from our different cultures, we explored the idea of Home. The tour originated in Thailand and traveled to Cambodia and Myanmar.

Rolo, the Story Pirate


for The Story Pirates based in NYC

A nationally respected education and media organization that encourages the creation of ideas and writings of young people. With professional actors and comedians, kids are able to see their stories come to life.

Visit The Story Pirates website here.

Le Bal


Theater Biel/Solothurn

Solothurn, Switzerland

The world premiere of the 100 years of Swiss History told through music and dance. Directed by Deborah Epstein.

During the Dada movement in 1920's Zurich, a puppet of Emmy Hennings which was performed by Emmy Hennings (Actress Atina Tabé)  made an appearance during the show.

Kleine Kreaturen


Created by Anna Paniccia and Danny Exnar

A stinging wasp, a dog who sings the blues, a hockey playing good spirted monster from the US, and a Bear from Siberia are brought to life in this bilingual show using music, puppets, and imagination. 

Entertaining children and adults of all ages, this show is flexible and transportable and can be performed in any type of venue.

Manteau, the Stoat


for "Mightier Than the Sword"

by Drew Callander and Alana Harrison

A new adventure book published by Penguin Random House where you the reader go on a mission aided by many fantastic helpers including Manteau - the French speaking stoat with killer dance moves.

Promotional videos and public appearances coming soon!